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My name is Dan Hurring, I am a 35 year-old social enterprise and events professional with a passion for positive social change. I have historically organised events – primarily festivals – for the past 13 years or so as well as advising on and participating in a variety of other projects. Most recently I have been involved in several exciting community development projects and work alongside an emergent local energy cooperative.

I have always had an interest in community organisation, fed as a youth through my love of human geography and my addiction to civilisation-building computer games. Being inclined towards the social good though, I always wanted to win through cooperation rather than war. Sadly, this rarely seemed to be an offered option…

My work as an outdoor events organiser has led to my developing skills in many areas relevant to a variety of sectors. I have had to conduct a lot of local authority and community liaison – both of which I enjoy and have a natural talent for; I have managed multiple major projects with individual budgets of over half a million pound from initiation to completion; I have managed a number of companies from top to bottom and in doing so developed all the skills required of a company director; I have set-up and been part of a range of social enterprises and community projects and have spent much time exploring this realm through conferences and seminars.

I have a strong interest in Land-based projects. Taking a piece of land and adding to it in a way that brings value to it as a part of our environment, for the landowner and for the wider community, stakeholders and users. Beyond that, I am now applying my skills in project management and community liaison for both an Energy Cooperative and a Community Housebuilder.

The events and activities I organise always operate with environmental best practice in mind, showcasing ecological solutions on a larger scale than is often demonstrated on the outdoor event circuit. This is a record I am proud of and reflects my wider interest in solution-finding and problem-solving. In the words of the Brazilians’ ‘Dar um Jeito’ – ‘There is always a way’.

So, in summary – I like seeing and making good things happen. I am available to work on interesting and worthwhile projects. I have skills to offer! 🙂


Project Management

• Led multiple projects across events industry from beginning to end including festivals, carnivals and conferences.

• Managed redevelopment of 150 acre derelict golf course into sustainable events and activities venue

• Project Managing the Transition Network International Conference in Devon, an exciting global project for an exciting, world-changing organisation

• Currently working on a landmark regeneration project in a rural town in Somerset

Project Design & Development

  • Founded the multi-award winning, ecologically renowned Sunrise Festivals

• Founded the Off-Grid series of events, landmark festival-conference crossovers

• Designed and Produced open-air Cinema and Theatre events amidst a full calendar of activities at Thoulstone Park in 2014

• Work with the Permaculture Association designing and delivering their new events programme for 2017-2020

Social Enterprise Development

• Currently working as advisor on a number of unique, cutting edge community housing development projects with Community Juice Ltd

• Board member of Somerset Cooperative Services, a leading social enterprise hub, aiding in business development and planning

• Produced Annual Report, Strategy and Share Offers for Avalon Community Energy Ltd, helping raise nearly £200,000

• Promoted the successful Community Share Offer of Exeter Community Energy Ltd raising £390,000 in 4 weeks.

Stakeholder Engagement / Local Authority and Community Liaison

• Community Engagement Officer for renewable energy cooperative in Somerset

• Co-founder of One Planet Co-op facilitating community-led development in Frome

• Managed all Local Authority and Community relations for Sunrise Festivals

• Attended SAGs and other Multi-Agency Meetings in over 6 counties and authorities

• Designed and implemented community liaison plans for multiple festivals and events

• Regularly attended council meetings at all levels and understand how these work

• Produced a 120 page detailed sustainability audit for Somerset County Council

Operational Planning / Premises Licenses

• Produced full premises license applications for multiple events with 100% success rate

• Produced multiple event management plans (EMPs) for festivals and carnivals

• Operated Event Control Centres for major UK festivals

Inspirational Team Leadership | Creative Development | Social Enterprise | Planning Policy & Community Development | Networking | Community Engagement | Article & Blog Writing | Public Speaking and Chairing Meetings


Social Enterprise | Eco-Project Design | Urban & Rural Regeneration | Sustainable Land Management | Community Housing Models | Festival Management and Design | Talks & Conference Programming | Eco-Communities | Deep Ecology | The Emergent Economy | Local Enterprise Networks and Partnerships | International Travel | Personal Development and Transformation | Writing and Speaking



Advisor to Community Juice Ltd | Board Member of Somerset Cooperative Services | Trustee to Natural Communities Foundation | Steering Group Member: Green Festival Alliance & ‘Power Behind Festivals’ Campaign| Advisory Board: Building Man Cooperative | Local Government Liaison Group for Transition Somerset | Blog and Article Writer: RHEnvironmental Ltd, Stir Magazine and Virtual Festivals | Public Speaker at Various Forums and Events


Please have a look at my attached CV to get a better idea of my experience, skills and knowledge.

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