Project Consultancy, Land and Social Enterprise Support


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  • Do you want your new business idea to fly?

  • Have you got a project that is struggling to get off the ground or in need of a boost?

  • Are you feeling blocks to your projects’ flowering?

If so, I can help.

Hummingbird Project Consultancy has experience of working with projects large and small across many sectors. We are project initiators with the capacity to help you get your ideas off the ground, find new direction or re-inspire you to move forward. We offer one-to-one advice sessions in person or online plus longer term engagement with your project.

We work particularly in the following areas:-

  • Small Business
  • Non-Profit
  • Social Enterprise
  • Events and Festivals
  • Land and Property
  • Community Design and Build
  • Community Energy
  • Community Engagement
  • Community Enterprise
  • Holistic Enterprises
  • Sustainability

Services that we can offer to you, include:


Any project needs an outside perspective from time to time. I can offer you an opportunity to reflect on where you are at, where you’re heading and what you’re in this for. When immersed in a project, it’s sometimes difficult to get the space to look around and assess. We can offer 1-to-1 Project Consultancy Sessions, along with day-length workshops/facilitation and a range of other support options. These sessions can be used to design programmes of activity, develop project plans and look at new ways of inspiring and motivating the success of your enterprise.

Project Management

Project Management and Support can be provided on an ongoing basis. Support can be as simple as weekly check-ins, monthly review sessions or helping with project planning on a relatively low-key basis. Project Management is more complex and involves diving directly into a project and taking on key aspects of its management. Due to the level of time and energy commitment involved, I will work with only one or two select projects in this manner at any one time.

project financeThe main challenge I encounter in helping projects is in their finances. Many socially- or environmentally-orientated projects suffer from financial viability issues and seek to resolve these in a number of creative ways.

I am a specialist in supporting projects with Crowdfunding campaigns, Community Share Issues, and other forms of Peer-to-Peer Finance, as well as more traditional methods of Fundraising. I also work with Project Investors who are seeking interesting and viable projects to support or partner in. I can help you develop effective tools to communicate with investors including Business and Project Plans; Brochures; advice on Business Models; Financial Forecasting and more. A resilient idea is one that stands up to financial scrutiny at all levels!


Any enterprise requires good communication with stakeholders, be this a geographically local community, one made-up of likeminded individuals or simply a target audience. I can help you deliver an effective communications campaign to help highlight your project to those who need to know about it, and ensure you engage in the right way with the right people.

As well as your own core networks, I can help you reach out to new people and networks through targeting the right contacts and thus increase the reach of your communications.

EventsDan Hurring is an event producer with over 15 years experience. He can help you deliver events for your audience or give you the advice and assistance you need to successfully produce landmark event experiences. Events are a key ingredient for many organisations and projects, bringing together their networks, supporters and reaching out to new people from all walks of life.

Dan is specialised in Premises Licensing, Operations, Creative Content Development and general Production tasks. He has organised everything from large festivals to corporate experiences through to international conferences, often via our sister company Another World Productions Ltd.

Land and Development

Are you involved in a land-based project? Are you interested in facilitating the creation of a community or a regenerative tourism project?

I work on land and development projects in the UK and Europe, supporting their development. I work together with individuals and organisations keen to create community, manage land regeneratively or do something special with their piece of land – including earning more money from it or diversifying into new activities.

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Hummingbird Project Consultancy works in partnership with a number of other organisations and individuals who are available to projects to bring specialist skills and services. In any form of engagement with you, my first aim is to establish what you most need and how best to provide that. In many cases, my role is simply to point you in the right direction for the help you need. This can be found through Hummingbird’s network or your own research.

In Consultancy and Support sessions, I will look at the economic and social potential of your ideas, develop business and project plans, design a programme of actions and activities for you to move forward and ensure that you have the connections to the right people to help you succeed. I am here to ensure that good things can really happen.

We offer FREE introductory email consultations with no obligation to continue.

My prices range from around £350 per day to £5000 per project dependent on your project needs and capacity.

Clients have included:

Community Juice Ltd ● Exeter Community Energy ● Avalon Community Energy ● Somerset Cooperative Services ● The New Economy Centre ● One Planet Productions Cooperative ● Valley Fest Ltd ● Camplight ● Vale Das Lobas (Portugal) ● The Biophilia Association

If you’re interested in exploring what I can do for you, contact me via the Contact Form here or call Dan Hurring on 01749 850165 / 07792 353864.