Project Consultancy, Land and Social Enterprise Support

The Kids and I...and Apples

Hi, my name is Dan Hurring. This is my personal business website, where you can find out more about me and what I have to offer you.

Brief Biog

I am a social entrepreneur, project manager and events/hospitality professional with a particular interest in regenerative land use, community resilience, social change and a passion for initiating and developing projects and enterprises. I live in beautiful rural Somerset but work across the South West and beyond as required.

As an organiser of outdoor events for much of the last 20 years, I developed skills in areas relevant to many sectors. I work well in high-pressure environments. I have a natural talent for stakeholder engagement and finding the right connections between people; I have managed multiple major projects with high budgets from initiation to completion; I’ve founded and managed companies and in doing so developed all the skills required of a company director; I have set-up and been part of a range of social enterprises, charities and community projects from Board Member level downwards. I have always had a particular interest in community organisation and design, fed as a youth through my love of human geography and my addiction to civilisation-building computer games. I am a solution-finder and problem-solver. In the words of the Brazilians’ ‘Dar um Jeito’ – ‘There is always a way’.

For many years I worked primarily as an event producer, organising socially- and environmentally-conscious festivals, gatherings and conferences. In 2013 I sold the award-winning Sunrise Festivals and moved into running hospitality and venue spaces. During my time in the events world I developed an increasing passion and understanding for social and community enterprise and in recent years have switched more of my professional attentions to this area. Whilst I still work in the events sphere, my other interest is in working with social, environmental and community-minded organisations. In the past decade I have undertaken work for several local energy cooperatives; an enabling developer for co-housing projects; a new economy project in Devon; and co-founded a cooperative facilitating community-led development in Somerset. I also served as a Director of Somerset Cooperative Services.

 Since 2016 I have worked for the Permaculture Association as National Events Coordinator and in the last two years built up significant online event production skills with this fantastic organisation.

I currently run a venue space near Bruton and Frome in Somerset, Field 725, and have co-founded a business – Be Wilder Camps – bringing eco-tourism and rewilding land projects together, as well as running our own glamping and outdoor activity sites. I continue to provide consultancy and project management services. I can assist in Premises Licensing and Event Management Planning, plus on online event production.

These days, my greatest passions are for working outdoors. I love to create spaces where people and nature can meet harmoniously. I believe humans can provide a net gain to our environment and much of my work focuses on that. I am inspired by the current movements towards rewilding, regenerative land use, tree-planting and biodiversity gain. I aim to operate my own projects with environmental best practices in mind, whilst maintaining a commercial imperative.

I offer organisations advice and consultancy in a wide range of areas – from Project Management and Design to Project Finance through to Community Engagement – via my consultancy business Hummingbird Project Consultancy. I also offer Premises Licensing and Events Operations, Production and Creative Consultancy. I love it where I am able to bring the diverse threads of my life together – no more so than when working in organisations anf on projects which have purpose, meaning and social value.

In summary, I am creative and enterprising. I enjoy working as part of a team but am most proficient in leading projects and people. I like seeing and making good things happen. I am available to work on and assist you in developing interesting and worthwhile projects. I have skills, drive and passion to offer. I am interested in using my skills to help make good things happen, wherever that be. I am open for work.

For my CV, take a look at my LinkedIn Profile which I try to keep updated or the Skills page of my website.