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David Cameron...really???

I have a confession to make.

I actually held a fairly long-standing belief that David Cameron was a good natured person with good intentions who was probably quite already, even if hamstrung (ha ha) by some pretty terrible old right-wing farts who would make an change difficult.

Today, I doubt that.

I have had a creeping sense for some time that perhaps Mr Cameron was actually, indeed, an arse. This was confirmed last night by his declaration that all who oppose war in Syria – for we must conclude that it is not just MPs who oppose his policy – are ‘terrorist sympathisers’.

I mean, really?? Are you completely daft? Or just malevolent?

I am appreciating that Mr Corbyn has very much got under the skin of our dear leader, you can see that. He actually offends David Cameron (and much of the media, it seems). I can see David and George having a good scoff behind the scene as they rest in their own in-built cultural and intellectual superiority.

So, why am I writing this? Well, partly to vent (why not); partly to express my sadness and frustration at the state of our political system and partly to express my disagreement on record with this stance of our PM and current administration.

Everybody with any grounding in Middle East politics and culture knows that the Syria intervention will be a disaster (even right wing historians like Max Hastings, part of the Tory Vanguard. I find it hard to believe that the PM does not know this. When has there been a ‘good’ intervention in recent years?

Libya? Umm….France and UK bomb the sh*t out a place, deposing the leader leaving chaos in their wake, fermenting new terror networks and stimulating a refugee crisis that now blights the EU.

Iraq? Umm…well that went well. Oh, and led to the creation of ISIS through the power vacuums created and exclusion of Sunni Arabs from the systems of governance.

Afghanistan? Umm…again, not an overwhelming success all round.

And what of Yemen (Not UK, but US random drone attacks)?

Where the West intervenes with bombs, things invariably get worse. Perhaps there’s a long game at work, which will see the Middle East transformed into a nexus of intellectual, sectarian, culturally humane government. Or perhaps a long game to win more power and control of precious resources? Or perhaps there is no plan, other than destabilisation and the creation of ongoing civil conflict which divides Muslims and leads to endless infighting.

There are many narratives at work here. I struggle to see the positive ones.

On one level, this war, like all wars, is an inevitable consequence of our culture. Charles Eisenstein writes beautifully about how there is no need to see a giant global conspiracy of interests controlling our world but instead realise that the current situation is actually the inevitable consequence of decisions taken thousands of years ago…it’s an ongoing process of evolution of our society.

The current issues in the Middle East can be traced back to our addiction to scarce resources (oil) which is a consequence of our society’s prioritisation of money and creation of debt-based scarcity over well-being. They can also be traced back to our imperial culture’s division of the Region with borders drawn by ruler across tribal territories, which in turn links to the above control of resources. Go further back and it links to the division of East & West through the Crusades and other wars and actions driven by religion. And in turn to the theological splits in the Islamic religion – between Sunni and Shia and Kurd and beyond. Which in turn comes from our cultural dependence on religion, on gurus and charismatic leaders, messiah figures, our tendency to look out rather than within for truth and reason. The giving away of our own Power, millennia ago.

So I am angry with you, Mr Cameron. But I also accept that your beliefs are the consequences of our culture. I hope that you will see reason and apologise for your rash words. I do not hold any hope you will move from your path to war, nor that you will win the argument through the fear, obligation, guilt and shame you and the media are using as your tools.

World Peace is possible. Just maybe not today.

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