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The World as we choose to see it

Note: This is my first published blog in 4 years. It is a train of thought, written in one burst as an act of mental exercising, rather than a researched and considered piece of writing then edited carefully to ensure it’s congruent and well thought out. The opinions contained are only my own, informed and […]

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Off-Grid Festival 2016 Crowdfunder

OFF GRID FESTIVAL IS BACK FOR 2016 We’re super-excited to announce that, subject to a successful Crowdfunder campaign, Off-Grid Festival will be returning in 2016 with an all new event. The festival will take place from August 11th to 14th at the new Biophilia Project on Goffin Land near Exeter, Devon with a limited capacity […]

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Thanks, but no thanks, Amber Rudd

Thanks, but no thanks, Amber Rudd! Recent Community Energy successes show people power in action Note: I have recently been helping promote several community share offers, for Avalon (ACE) and Exeter Community Energy (ECOE). Both were very successful with ECOE raising £390,000 in under 3 weeks! It has been only a matter of weeks since […]

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Stepping into my Power

STEPPING INTO MY POWER I am now putting myself ‘officially’ forward as a Project Consultant. After years of providing free advice to a whole host of worthwhile projects and wonderful people, I thought it about time I made the most of my natural gifts to create a business that will allow me to share my […]

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Sunrise's Permaculture Principles

This article was first written for ‘Rising’ Magazine in 2011. Sunrise’s Permaculture Principles Does Sunrise walk its talk when it comes to its environmental and social record? How closely does the festival follow the guidelines of permaculture? And what exactly is permaculture anyway? Organiser Dan Hurring reports. Permaculture is a word bandied around a lot […]

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