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Stepping into my Power


I am now putting myself ‘officially’ forward as a Project Consultant. After years of providing free advice to a whole host of worthwhile projects and wonderful people, I thought it about time I made the most of my natural gifts to create a business that will allow me to share my Gold without giving it away at a price less than its worth.

My tendency over the years has been to give, give, give freely of myself, to share my knowledge without thought of return. I have poured time into people and projects – sometimes in the hope of return, sometimes because I care and wish to help others. At the same time, I have perhaps at times neglected my own project, Project Dan.

Last summer I was guided to realise that my greatest asset is myself. To put it another way, I am my gift to the Universe. If I don’t respect myself, honour myself and value myself correctly, then I do myself a dis-service. I am familiar with that feeling. This lack of valuing applies not only to business but also many times to my interactions with the world. To put it in the language of a group I am part of, ‘when I walk into a room and am not myself, I deny the people there the gift that is me.’

I have always wanted to give this gift away (when I’m aware enough to notice it at all) but I realise that this is not always appropriate. Sometimes by giving it away, I do not value it, in fact I push it away from me, into the hands of others. As an example. I am a gifted and, it seems, ‘lucky’ networker. I have the gift of meeting the right people at the right time and introducing them to just the person they need to meet. Usually, I am passive in this – i.e. That gift of connecting others up provides no direct value to me bar gratitude (the value of which cannot be denied, mind you!). From a business perspective, though, this is silly. To put it in another context – when I write an Event Management Plan or Premises License for somebody, it becomes theirs. The client has no need to pay me to do it again next year, they already have the document, and usually that document gets copied and goes off to other potential clients, without me. If I was not paid for this first time, I would be giving away something that has value for nothing, with a diminishing chance of future work. Bad equation. Introducing people – at least in a business context – is no different.

So for me, my current mission is to value who I am and what I do. To step into my power in this regard and be clear about what is my ‘business’ and what is not. By doing this, I stop giving away my treasures too cheaply and begin valuing their importance to me and my livelihood.

Thanks to Chris Hardy for the ongoing inspiration on this and other matters. If you’re looking for a great life coach, you can check him out here –

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